we can use any brand paint as we are not a stockist this means any colour any brand,

some of our furniture is sprayed and some, well you never know what colour someone wants?

one of our customers, we just supplied the paint!

a customer found this dark stain and broken base in a junk shop, brought to us, repaired and sprayed in a colour he wanted, looks good? shabby and wolf whisle white.


nice lady wanted her old and tired file draw bringing back to life, mother duck!

wedding cake white, reloved for their new born!

our shop is always changing nothing really stays for long, everything needs a good home, it always finds a happy ending.

green custom mixed, we are not tied to one paint company, this means we have move colours to choose from?

red wood top white washed giving a lighter colour and worn look with clear wax coating, would look good with cream chairs?

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